7 Best Sales Outreach Tools in 2024 (Features & Pricing Added)

Getting to your ideal customer and offering them your product or service is not simple. You need an effective strategy to find who your ideal customer is, contact them, and convince them your product or service is the solution to their problem. 

Best Sales Outreach Tools

Your sales team is probably doing their best to achieve just that. Most sales teams are typically up to their neck in databases, CRMs, and emails, keeping track of leads and statuses, cold-calling, or searching for potential customers on LinkedIn.  

But, is there a way to make this process more effective and help them make more sales? The right sales outreach tool might be just what you and your team need. 

What are Sales Outreach Tools?

Sales outreach tools are specially designed software applications or platforms that can make a game-changing difference in your sales outreach strategy. These tools are designed to streamline the outreach process, automate a large portion of your sales team’s day-to-day tasks, and help them focus on what’s important – closing those sales.

How To Choose the Best Sales Outreach Tool?

There are many sales outreach tools available, so choosing the right one might be tricky. Before you dive in and start vetting some tools, it’s important to take stock of the current status of your sales outreach, and your sales team efforts. 

Keep in mind what they think would speed up and simplify the process the most. Do they lose a lot of time going back and forth between the CRM and their notepads? Is the software they are currently relying on plagued with unnecessary features that slow everything down? Are the reports you receive from your team unreliable, to say the least?

All these issues could be solved with one of these sales outreach tools. You should know your priorities, but you should also look for software that allows integration with your chosen CRM and can support your sales team with multichannel outreach.

The tool you choose should also be easy to use so that you don’t trouble your team with a steep learning curve. It must be able to scale quickly to meet your requirements and create accurate reports so that you can pinpoint bottlenecks and easily find room for improvement in your sales processes. 

Lastly, don’t compromise on essential features. You need your chosen sales outreach tool to offer customizable emails, great options for A/B testing, warm-up and recovery emails, as well as email automation. Furthermore, it should offer a deliverability monitor so that you can stay in check on which of your emails were opened so that you know how to improve your sales process.

7 Best Sales Outreach Tools

  1. Lemlist

Lemlist is undoubtedly one of the best cold outreach tools available out there. Since it has an incredible number of features, it’s an excellent choice for an experienced sales team and a larger company that wants to use all channels available to reach out to their prospective customers. 


Lemlist offers excellent features your team needs to create effective email campaigns. It will also provide them with the data they need to build excellent prospect lists thanks to its proprietary database of more than 450 million contacts. 

Your team can save hours relying on its AI to help them write personalized emails. Its users say that Lemwarm, Lemlist’s warm-up tool, is very efficient in keeping your emails far from your customers’ spam folders.


  • Email Starter

Lemlist’s pricing starts at $39 per month per user. The “Email Starter” plan provides you with essential features such as unlimited and customizable email campaigns, access to their contact database, in-app support, and excellent reports and analytics.

  • Email Pro

The “Email Pro” plan costs $69 per month per user. It includes everything included in “Email Starter” and tops it with Lemwarm, an email finder and verifier, CRM integrations, and A/B campaigns. 

  • Multichannel expert

If you want to use Lemlist for more than emails, then “Multichannel expert,” which starts at $99 per month per user is the plan for you. It includes everything in “Email Pro,” and adds LinkedIn prospection and voice notes, cold calling prospection with Aircall, and advanced campaign conditions. 

  • Outreach scale

The “Outreach scale” is a tier designed for large teams, that starts at $159 per user per month. It includes everything from “Multichannel expert,” but adds 15 sending emails. With this tier, you also get a dedicated account manager to help your team get the most out of Lemlist. 

  1. Woodpecker

Woodpecker is another excellent outreach sales tool perfect for those looking to skyrocket their email marketing. Users who have relied on it to send cold emails praise it for being easy to use and appreciate its cheap pricing tiers compared to its competitors.


This simplistic tool is perfect for smaller teams looking to get started with outreach. It has all the essential features they might need to shoot their initial email batches to prospects and keep their sender reputation safe: email warm-up, bounce shield, and real‑time email list verification. It integrates wonderfully with other software your team might be using.


  • Cold Email

Woodpecker has the most straightforward pricing with a single tier. It costs $29 monthly for 500 contacted prospects and 2000 stored prospects. The price grows by the number of prospects you’d like to manage with Woodpecker. 

For 1000 contacted prospects and 4000 stored prospects, you can expect to pay $49 each month. 10,000 contacted prospects and 40.000 stored ones will cost $188 per month. 

The largest amount of prospects you can purchase with this fixed-tier pricing includes 25,000 contacted and 100,000 stored for $395. If you need more than this, you should know that you can purchase them in-app, up to 90 million!

It’s good to know that if you decide to pay annually, all these prices come with a 16% discount! 

  1. Outreach

Outreach is another platform you could rely on to close more deals. It’s built as an all-in-one platform that can support each role within a sales team. Many teams rely on Outreach as it is heavily based on AI insights, and can provide sales teams with invaluable information they need to drive more sales.


Outreach aims to help teams get the most out of their outreach, so it provides excellent features for sales engagement. Your team can rely on its conversation intelligence to provide valuable insights. The deal insights feature can help them gauge the status of each deal, win probability, and potential roadblocks. Essentially, it’s one of the unique tools on the market that focuses on helping your sales representatives make more deals whereas others focus on email deliverability.


  • Standard

The “Standard” plan is perfect for smaller teams that aim to improve their workflow. This tier offers full workflows for your sales representatives, and manager’s insights into their activity, forecasts, deals, and pipeline. The “Standard” plan also includes all the integrations you might need to get the most out of your sales software.  

  • Professional

The “Professional” plan goes beyond the core features of the “Standard” plan and offers greater, AI-powered insights into your sales rep workflow and progress. It includes conversation intelligence, insights to help you spot risky deals early, and templates to speed up sales methodologies. This tier also offers pipeline analytics and simulation to improve forecasts’ accuracy. 

  • Enterprise

The “Enterprise” might be the right plan for larger operations that need to scale their outreach efforts globally. It offers large-scale use with enterprise limits and allows organizational deployments on a global level. It ensures HIPAA compliance and helps you meet restrictive requirements with its Advanced Control features.  

  • Unlimited

The “Unlimited” plan removes any limits on features offered in the “Enterprise” plan. This plan allows unlimited use of any of the platform features, including Outreach Data Sharing, voice calling usage, sandbox environments, and much more. 

Unfortunately, Outreach is not truly transparent about the actual price for any of their plans. If you’d like to rely on one of its plans to help your team make more sales, you should contact their sales team to find out what the price is.  

  1. Mixmax

Mixmax is a sales outreach tool that smaller teams may leverage to get the most out of their outreach. It has a decent set of features for a reasonable price. Most importantly, it doesn’t require a steep learning curve, and your team won’t be stuck navigating clunky user interfaces.


Mixmax offers a comprehensive list of features. It will support your team with sequencing, email automation, and tracking, and allow them to set up meetings with prospective clients with a single click. It’s also great for reporting and provides great messages and team insights.


  • Free

You can start your journey with Mixmax entirely for free but don’t expect much in terms of features relevant to outreach. Mixmax’s free tier will help you with email templates and email tracking. It will also allow you to include polls and surveys in your emails.

  • SMB

“SMB” plan starts at $29 per month per user and it offers some great add-ons to the features offered in the free plan. They mostly revolve around removing Mixmax’s branding from your emails and allowing a smaller team of up to 5 people to easily collaborate on email marketing campaigns. With the “SMB” plan, you can count on shared calendars and scheduling, side chats your team can use to communicate without leaving the inbox, and automated email sequences.

  • Growth

If you need AI to help you on top of the features offered in SMB, then “Growth” might be the tier for you. It starts at $49 per month for each user and includes all features mentioned in “SMB”, plus AI Compose and AI Smart Send features. It also allows custom branding and reporting, that are well worth its price. 

  • Growth + Salesforce

The “Growth + Salesforce” tier is pretty self-explanatory. It extends the power of the “Growth” tier by allowing webhooks and integrations. It also adds insights reporting, whose great dashboards can help you evaluate your current efforts with a glance, for $69 per month per user.

  • Enterprise

The “Enterprise” tier is the only option with Mixmax that allows multichannel outreach. It provides you with a Dialer so that you can extend your outreach to phones as well. It also allows LinkedIn Sales navigator integration and SMS messaging. Lastly, with this tier, you can rely on its tasks and automation features, that allow your team to create practical to-do lists. This tier doesn’t have a flat-rate price, and you’ll have to contact Mixmax to create custom pricing for Enterprise features.

  1. Hunter.io

Hunter.io is another excellent platform your outreach team can rely on to simplify email marketing. It offers great features that can help your team find your ideal customer, and its excellent outreach campaigns feature will simplify the process of reaching their inboxes. 


Hunter.io, just like its name suggests, is a perfect choice for sales teams that are always on the hunt for their ideal customer. It offers an excellent email finder and verifier. It also helps your team find a relevant person to contact per company. What’s more, Hunter.io’s newest feature, Signals, can help you find your next customer thanks to intent signals. 

The outreach feature simplifies emailing, providing your sales team with assistance every step of the way: It offers custom attributes per email, excellent templates, and an effective preview that will help you evaluate the integrity of each email. Scheduling and reporting are very accurate as well. Plus, it integrates seamlessly with your existing stack. 


  • Free 

You can test all of Hunter.io’s amazing features through its free plan. It offers 25 monthly searches and 50 monthly verifications. The free plan limits your connected email accounts to a single account and your recipient’s number to 500. You can’t test some of its more exclusive features with a free plan, including some email customizations and reporting.

  • Starter

The “Starter” plan costs 49€ per month, and it includes 500 searches and 1,000 verifications. It also expands the number of connected email accounts to three, and recipients to 2,500. This tier also unlocks all of Hunter.io’s features, including images and attachments in emails and reporting. It doesn’t offer a custom tracking domain feature. 

  • Growth

The “Growth” tier starts at 149€, and it unlocks all the features mentioned in full. It also raises limits to 10 connected email accounts, 5,000 searches, and 10,000 verifications, and allows up to 5,000 recipients. 

  • Business 

The largest tier is “Business”. It includes 50,000 searches, 100.000 verifications, and 50,000 recipients. With the “Business” plan, you can connect up to 20 email accounts, and it also provides you with an account manager to assist you with the platform. 

  1. SalesHandy

SalesHandy could be the email outreach tool for you as it offers excellent features to assist you with both finding and contacting leads. Its customers praise it as a great tool for beginners, as it has an easy-to-use interface. Its starter plan, which offers unlimited emails is also fairly inexpensive. 


SalesHandy offers features to help you every step of the way. Its Lead Finder and LinkedIn Email Finder are great help in finding who to contact. But, it also offers features for email warm-up, sequencing, and tracking. You can also count on it to help you optimize your email campaigns with its sequence score feature, automate follow-up, and keep your team easily organized with its unified inbox.


  • Outreach Starter

Pricing plans start with “Starter,” which offers five emails for warm-up, 2,000 total prospects, and 6,000 emails per month for $36. It also includes sender rotation and a unified inbox starter. 

  • Outreach Pro 

The next tier is “Pro,” which starts at $99 per month. It includes everything from the starter and tops it up with several excellent integrations with Zoho, Hubspot, and Zapier. It raises the limit to 20 warm-up accounts, 30,000 prospects, and 100,000 emails per month.

  • Outreach Scale 

The “Scale” tier takes it to the next level for $199 per month. It includes everything mentioned in “Pro,” but raises the limit to 50 warm-up accounts, 60,000 total prospects, and 200,000 emails per month. 

  • Outreach Scale Plus $299

Lastly, there is the “Scale Plus” tier that starts at $299 per month for 100,000 prospects. You can customize this tier based on your desired prospect number. The largest number that comes with a flat price is 500,000 prospects, which will cost you $1499 per month. 

If you need more prospects, feel free to reach out to their sales team, so that you can create a customizable plan that fits your business goals. All these tiers come with either a 25 or 30% discount if you decide to pay annually.

  1. HubSpot Sales Hub

A renowned sales outreach tool your team could rely on for outreach is HubSpot Sales Hub. Probably the best tool for a team that has seen significant returns from their email campaigns, and is looking to scale it further – as HubSpot Sales Hub comes with the neat benefit of being able to integrate with 1,400 other tools available in the HubSpot marketplace.


HubSpot has an extensive list of features that can help you generate more sales, and its Sales hub is no exception. It comes with all the features your outreach team might need to put your product in front of your prospective customers. 

Your team can rely on it to find leads and prospects and to track emails and calls. Plus, it has both excellent email templates and AI tools to save time on personalizing those emails. Lastly, it offers great automation tools.


  • Free

You can start your HubSpot Sales hub journey entirely for free. You can test it’s 1-on-1 email, but you only get one pipeline to test out. However, it will allow you to test your omnichannel opportunities with Facebook messenger integration, calling SDK, and email scheduling. Since Sales Hub is built on top of its CRM, it will allow you to test all of its CRM features as well.

  • Starter

“Starter” opens up a lot of features for its low price of $15 per month. It includes everything you’ve tested with the free plan but removes HubSpot’s branding. Plus, it includes up to 500 minutes with of calling per account, sales automation, and unlimited email open-and-click notifications. 

  • Professional 

Sales Hub’s “Professional” tier is perfect for larger teams looking to scale their sales. It starts at $90 per month, and it offers bots to help with communication, great list segmentation options, up to 3,000 minutes, and excellent prospecting tools

The “Professional” tier also opens the features you might need for successful email and LinkedIn campaigns, including up to 500 email sends per user each day. It also offers custom reports, which can further improve your outreach success.  

  • Enterprise 

The “Enterprise” tier, which starts at $150 per month per seat takes it to the next level. It includes everything offered with “Professional”, raising its limits on calls, lists, and emails significantly. It also offers numerous features that will allow you to customize your outreach efforts further, including advanced permissions, conversation intelligence, and much more. 

Reasons Why You Need Outreach Tools for Sales

Not many business owners recognize the importance of a good outreach tool. Here are just a few reasons why you might consider using a sales tool. 

Increased productivity of your sales team

Having a good sales outreach tool will do wonders for your teams’ productivity, which will, in turn, help generate more sales. Once your team has a tool they can rely on to combine all the information they need to complete their tasks, you will quickly see a spike in their productivity and the excellent results it brings.

Streamlines email marketing and generates more sales

Having all the prospects’ data in a single place is not the only reason to invest in a good outreach tool, though. The best tools automate the majority of your sales team’s tasks, freeing up time in their workday. 

This will help them focus on the more important aspects of the sales process, instead of wasting their time on manual tasks. Automating those will certainly net visible results rather quickly.

Easier overview and reporting

However, the biggest reason why you should find the right outreach tool is to be able to quickly assess the current situation. You should have an easy way to overview the status of each of your campaigns at all times. 

A tool that provides you with accurate reports is a blessing – you’ll be able to see if there are any bottlenecks or complexities that are stopping you from getting the most out of your sales processes. You can use these accurate reports to improve your team’s workflow and help your team navigate the complexities of outreach that may be blocking them or slowing them down.

Bonus: Techniques to Grab More Leads using the Right Outreach Tool

Even the best outreach sales tool won’t land you any sales on its own – no matter how much you invest. Here are just some of the techniques you can use to ensure your outreach is bringing revenue in with the help of the right tool.

Multichannel outreach is the key. People are often advised not to put all of their eggs in the same basket – and for a good reason. Banking on one channel limits your customer base, and you want to do the exact opposite. You want to get in front of as many customers as you can. 

Make sure the sales tool you rely on supports all the relevant outreach methods. For B2B businesses, email marketing is usually the right route. You can rely on some of the sales outreach tools to provide you with the leads you need. However, you also shouldn’t underestimate the power of your LinkedIn connections – export your LinkedIn connections to your CRM and watch those do wonders for your sales.

You should also do your best to avoid wasting your time and effort on leads that are not your ideal customers. Proper prospecting will save you a lot of time you can spend nurturing the right leads. 

Segment your B2B database by as many criteria as you can. This included the industry they operate in, but also the size of the company, its location, and contact information of the individuals with relevant job titles. A good sales outreach tool will provide you with the information you need to do this efficiently.

Once you know who to contact and the best outreach method that works for you, make sure you are delivering the right message. Each of your emails should be highly personalized and optimized for a specific company. Use A/B email testing to gauge which emails are performing better. The more effort you put into connecting with your customers, the higher the chances of them trusting you to provide them with the solution you’re selling. 


What is sales outreach?

Sales outreach is a process of establishing a connection with potential clients. Companies will often contact prospective clients to create interest or offer their product through sales outreach, establish a connection with the clients, and ultimately sell them the product. 

What are the outreach methods in sales?

Businesses often consider all the methods of getting in touch with their prospective customers as outreach methods. Some of the most common methods are email marketing, social media marketing, and cold calling. 

However, any method that gets your product or service in front of your clients, including sponsoring an event or sending catalogs through the mail, can be considered an outreach method.

What are sales outreach tools?

Sales outreach tools are software platforms that streamline and ease up the sales outreach process. These typically focus on automating email marketing campaigns, including lead generation, and accurate reporting.  

Will AI replace sales outreach tools?

It is very unlikely AI will replace sales outreach tools, even though it’s already used to enhance the sales outreach tools’ features. While they are a great help to your sales team, sales outreach tools on their own are not enough. 

AI is unlikely to replace sales outreach tools, as it’s the members of your sales team who are driving sales. It’s their input, expertise, and humanity that make sales outreach tools valuable.


For any sales team, a good outreach tool can be more than beneficial. It provides your team with methods to simplify the complex process of engaging with many customers. It also unifies their work in one place so there are no overlaps, and no leads get forgotten. 

A good sales outreach tool will also automate a lot of repetitive tasks. If you choose the tool that has all the relevant features, it will ease each of the steps your team has to take to close those sales. 

Ultimately, its reporting features will provide you, the business owner, with valuable insight into how your outreach and sales teams are performing, what works, and what doesn’t. These will prove crucial for creating plans and establishing realistic goals in the future.

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